First Steps

If you find here and you're reading this, it's probably you put the first steps in the world of paintball and you would like to find out what it's all really about..

So in a great all you already know that paintball is a game of shooting opponents balls filled in with paint, eliminating them in this way, while performing different tasks. You're right, but let's start from the beginning. At the outset, it must be noted that paintball is divided into two sections:

  • The Forest paintball so-called woodsball
  • The Paintball sports otherwise speedball

Forest Paintball, as the name suggests, is played in the forest scenes, various kinds of abandoned buildings, training grounds, the forts. With the founding of this type of game has most resembled a military skirmish. Hence, the dress is the most uniform military equipment takes many forms of camouflage, and markers, because so are guns used in paintball, are replicas of real weapons. Often, there are the so-called game of screenwriting that are either a representation of historical battles or wyreżyserowanymi fictional skirmishes. In such meetings can take part even after several hundred people and they can play for a few days.

On the other hand, the barricades have speedball, which is sporting a variation of paintball. These are incredibly dynamic and spectacular clash, with strict rules, as they unfold on a specially prepared air fields and held under the guidance of trained judges, during paintball tournaments. Opposite each other are only shared team to task in a specific, short time, eliminate players from the opposing team and move the flag from the enemy base to your or press the buzzer button at the enemy. This type of game-breaker completely from military associations, does not apply here any form of camouflage, and equipment and clothing are strictly defined strict rules.

These are very general descriptions, however, give an idea about the difference between one and the other. Of course, both factions differ dramatically used equipment, however, you will be interested in what you have to buy to be able to even start to play.

The basic thing is to bring safe and comfortable mask. For paintball use only certified products from renowned manufacturers. Never buy masks for other purposes than a game of paintball, it's a matter of your security. It is good to reflect on the hood with double thermal, fast. Such glass reduce the risk of pairing the mask and will fully enjoy the game. Choose a mask that you were in it.

The most important part of your equipment is, of course, marker, or carbine that will sow terror among enemies. Here you have a really great to show off, because the offer on markers, is incredibly broad. Starting with basic mechanical markers, and ending with the high-end markers electro-pneumatic. However, your attention should at the beginning of the focus on the use of markers. Their simple construction and ease of cleaning and maintenance, does not cause You a headache, and will give you a lot of pleasure from their use.

A marker you must equip in the magazine. To a regular mechanic you need more than a simple gravity loader, because we call magazines. Loader gravity wells as the name suggests only works on the principle of the force of gravity as opposed to electronic magazines that have a built-in feed Motors of up to several dozen balls per second. But until you have a really fast handles the magazine will be redundant.

The marker must be fed with something. We have two types of power sources:

  • Carbon dioxide CO2
  • Compressed Air HP/HPA

Carbon dioxide is by far the more popular and cheaper gas. In virtually every town has a gas station, where you can stick the bottle in the carbon dioxide. CO2 cylinders have different capacity of the largest you can give back to 800-900 shots, but if you appreciate comfort, choose one of the smaller and lighter.

The compressed air is a bit more expensive solution and perhaps harder available, while it is shortcomings, namely dioxide during fast shooting freezing effect is not present here, as well as there is no fear of flooding marker liquid carbon dioxide. By the fact that each cylinder HP has a built in regulator, the pressure coming out of the cylinder is reduced and always the same. By what marker more stable work. If you are planning to purchase HP, ask whether in your area it is possible to fill this cylinder. Maybe the Fire Brigade/Departament or diving center will help you.. You already have a mask, you have to eliminate enemies. To the fullness of happiness you are missing the only paintaball ammunition-balls. Range balls is as wide as markers. However, you need to be aware of a few things

  • The quality of the balls is generally proportional to their prices
  • Very high quality balls are not suitable for mechanical markers
  • The balls are quite sensitive to extreme weather conditions
  • The ball should be matched to the marker as well as the barrel which you use/li>
  • It is when the balls are slightly heated before use
  • Poorly stored open ball containers may cause, for example, freezing or dampening of balls, which may make them lose their shape and will not be usable.

At the end we would like you to remember that paintball is an incredible game, that gives a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. However, carrying the risk and responsibility not only for themselves, but also for the people with whom we have a pleasure to paint. Never forget your safety, your companions fun, as well as bystanders.


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